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Okay, okay! Let me think about it all right! You got to think about this.
All right, I'm recording! Ok! I was no clue i'll make up some crap, ok, 00 on dating advice.
Alright, so first thing you want to do men, you want to carry condoms around your back pocket.

Ladies got ta know you mean business right.
Sometimes you got ta drop own just to like.
Let them know that you're coming for them um.

I can't be device advice.
This always work for me personally, it's just like going up because I'm asking hey, let's or just saying I guess it's not really a question.
Is it but either way same concept? Hey, hey and a little rowdy and faction chat all right.

Let you settle down here.
Um, third and final piece of advice.
I give is uh, go ball.

Just do it all right, shakes parties real nice Hank.
I know everybody you all right! All right! You gonna give us some data.
Oh yeah, so studies show that um women are seven times more likely to put it on a bald man's head than normal manta all right take a year to remember that.

Thank you for your information yo.
What dating advice throw ok.
Can I go now yep? So when you take her in bed, you want to Bob really.

You know Muslim song.
Look at me all right, um! That's what we do in Syria, we mom like cat person movie.
Yes, we we all sweet dogs.

If you want to have a relationship with luck, you can't have a relationship.
In fact, if you want to have a good relationship with out you can we eat that daily back to the girls, the girls have hairy so you don't want to eat that um a little frustrating, but you know it's: okay, um! A lot of hair, like more than your ballpark you're, not again got ta write this down yeah, I already yeah, there's a lot of.
Oh man, part they're, just like pretty much gorillas.

Yes, it does all.
You have yeah all right.
Give me the sky mystics thread the bomb them and everything everything's good.

Do you know what statistic is no, it's like thirty percent of the population needs.
Oh get the hell out of your jacksie.
What, oh, my? Are you ruined it? We're recording a dating advice, video, okay, ducky you're done get out of here; oh nice tracks, eastern end or go to okay.

Drac, see give me your best advice.
What for gating somebody I bro, i'm recording this.
I've got Miller, Vivi and whoever ducky all right.

Well, first of all, you got to make sure sheer.
He is the right one.
Cuz there's been multiple times where people they're like.

Oh, I love this person.
They don't love them, cuz, they're, all also, if she sends you nudes within the first week, she's a ho.
If she try, if she's best friends with your best friend she's a ho she's, just a ho make sure you find the right one, because girls don't care about your emotions, the more you know is that is that all basically I destroyed can I some statistics are Defined statistics: what do you want like eight percent of the population is Harry Bunkies about a ninety-five percent of the population is about on about ninety-five percent of population thanks so ducky the muzzle all right.

Thank you for your contribution tells order to get his butt in here.
Okay, go what start telling me you're dating advice, alright! So first I'm meter, you can be too pushy all right where you guys going slow to make plans available and then, but you got ta contort, like literally like not your Mexican point of view, I'm not like sitting.

What are you and if I, if I was or what I mean America right now, all right keep going strong with other.
Then after you make friends easily? Yes yeah, then you hear that okay and then, after that you know she starts getting a shock to see.
She's taken taken: sighs, okay, okay, grab her feet, even if she doesn't, he ranked contouring make a good point of view.

Am i right? No I'm playing I right, or am i right, Rob Lee a bang? Okay, so I've Satan's want any president.
I just spoke flirting and stuff: okay, it's your own, not down here.
Presently, if you didn't go over there right, you go and you asked her out.

She's asked route he's by herself and then she become yours.
Okay, yeah wanted to say every girl.
That's a good one, how many statistics like how? Why should I believe you all right? First of all, I'm Hispanic! Oh Michael, is it all cuz you're Mexican, I'm not Mexican eliminated, I'm sorry Hispanic! So many killers helpless located on the map.

Right now, I'm XO Berta.
Keep going then, okay and then after you start accidentally by yourself right.
Are you already told me all this stuff? I buy him all right, you're, you're right! I'm not all right.

Give me give me your best advice.
When I woke up to me: flapper.
Oh man, security.

Like us, a heads up.
Sorry, you want to be, then you were like is all you want to go out and get some to pull a man like a to Latinos yeah.
This is good.

You guys, good, like you're.
Lying is really bad old.
Joe Howard can cook my voice.

Is that all do you have any facts? Like you know, later logistics, one you have.
Any statistics, like you know like forty percent of the population is Harry, is bald whatever the hell you're going to say.
Oh yeah, the third possibility is obese from my dad yeah, but that doesn't stop you from giving me crash and zac boone saloon.

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