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What is going on everyone? Let's talk about a place that sucks So bad people in Mississippi, actually make jokes about it: Pine, Bluff, Arkansas, Pine Bluff Arkansas, is a real-life cautionary American tale.

If you look at the stats alone, Pine Bluff Arkansas is like the Babe Ruth of suck They've been knocking bad stats out of the park for years.
This town is so bad, You'd think they're trying to win some kind of national contest or something Pine Bluff has been nicknamed the most dangerous town in America.
More than once, and it's a name They've earned Pine Bluff didn't always suck.

It was kind of decent in the 1800s.
I guess I don't know lime Bluff was actually not that bad until let's say the 1960s or 70s factories that once bustle in the 1940s, had been taken over by gangs and stripped of anything of value and They took what they stripped and the money they sold.
It for to buy drugs - and you know You know that type of thing, as you can see, just another town brought down by drugs and violence, actually really That's kind of what brings down towns most.

The time is drugs and violence.
Have you ever heard of a town that was brought down by cupcakes and tickle fights? No, it's always drugs and violence and gangs.
Pine Bluff has 42 thousand residents currently and it's down from the 2010 numbers, which was about 49,000 Pine Bluff is not a place.

People are really flocking to these days, But, that's not to say nobody does move there if you're thinking about moving to Pine Bluff.
Before you do that, You should probably watch my top ten reasons not to move to Pine Bluff.
Arkansas Number ten, it's in Arkansas.

The first nail in the Pine Bluff coffin, is the fact that it's actually in the state of Arkansas Arkansas in case you've been living in a prison on the island of Madagascar for the last 50 years is not the best state.
In the Union, when it comes to pretty much everything I did read recently that they do lead the country in hate groups, So they've got that little badge of shame going on for him.

The numbers show that there's not a lot of right things Going on in Arkansas Pine Bluff doesn't help that image.

Either Pine Bluff is a nightmare, as the rest of this list will show you Number nine the headlines if you're living in Pine Bluff, the news doesn't Paint a very good picture this place.
The news coming out of this town just Feeds into the general feeling of depression and despair.

You have to see headlines like these real ones from the local news on a daily basis.

Here They go Pine Bluff, Community Center reopens.
After parking lot homicide, seven year old girl survives shooting in Pine Bluff.
Her family says it's miracle: trailer filled with nearly 3,000 dead chickens, abandoned in Pine Bluff, Pine Bluff, Arkansas man points a gun at police officers, shoot and kill suspect.

This is a constant.
There is always a handful really depressing headlines that help add to the reputation of Pine Bluff and stop typing.
Yes, They do have some good headlines like every other town in America.

The thing is no other town.
This size has headlines like those on a daily basis.

Number eight, whether Pine Bluff among its many other issues, has a love-hate relationship with mother nature.

They get hot summers and bitter cold Winters.
The river decides to come into town every once in a while and they get tornadoes So every single year.
You have to worry as your trailer going to float away or fly away good times in Pine Bluff.

Arkansas Number seven boarded up houses now This one's sort of strange funny and sad all at the same time, Pine Bluff has a serious amount of boarded up homes.
Now, in a depressed city or town, This isn't unusual when you have an abandoned home or property banks that only abandon home Well board up the house to try and deter animals and squatters from setting up residence cities board them up, So people don't get in.
There start doing drugs and turn it into a drug house, but in Pine Bluff.

They have homes that are boarded up by the homeowners and the home owners are still living in the home.

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