Denver Fishing dismantle all animal agriculture, research

Following right on the heels of Colorados Initiative 16 is an extremely similar action taking place in Oregon. Initiative Petition 13 IP13, or the Abuse, Neglect, and Assault Exemption Modification and Improvement Act, uses cookie-cutter style language in the same vein as Colorados Initiative 16. The language of Oregon IP 13 will criminalize basic animal husbandry practices such as artificial insemination and humane processing.

Animal extremists are behind this push and are leaning heavily on their platforms, social media, and public support to get IP13 passed into law not actual animal industry professionals or animal welfare experts. As with Colorados initiative, the underlying language and motive comes from extremist ideology to entirely dismantle all animal agriculture, research, clothing, and even pets. Extremists believe animal ownership is akin to slavery and therefore abuse and conclude that they should not be in human care.

Since social media plays such a big role these days in how animal extremist groups are influencing people, especially young people with their ideology and agenda, it is more important than ever to become proficient with the different platforms so that these groups are not able to control the narrative. A few simple steps can make time spent on these platforms more effective. To help with this, Protect The Harvest has created a downloadable and printable tutorial in an easy to understand format. It is available on our website under.

We encourage you to check it out even if you are experienced with social platforms. All of us must get engaged as these groups are becoming more emboldened. These activists have told us firsthand that they will not stop pushing their ideology and we must push back to protect our way of life.

Denver Fishing dismantle all animal agriculture, research
Denver Fishing dismantle all animal agriculture, research
Denver Fishing dismantle all animal agriculture, research


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