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Today we are going to the city of Goodyear.

If Goodyear is on West Valley from the East Valley, it's about an hour's drive depending on where you're coming from an East Valley.
It could be further the other for Laura the ECR for Phoenix, if you're looking to commute to Phoenix you're talking about anywhere from 45 minutes to maybe an hour 15 again and where you're going in Phoenix, what time you're going etc.
Let's talk about jumping right into Goodyear stats: we've got an area vibe there saying that the crime rate here is a c-minus great.

That's again, one source check your sources and their education grade was an F now that was area Viacom according to great schools, we'll get those ratings in two seconds, all right, so, according to great schools, no, they don't give you a grade.
So I will tell you that there were three nines: two eight two, seven, seven sixes two five one, four, two threes and one one and a couple that we run rated.
So to me that says that the schools are kind of mediocre they're, not terrible and they're.

Not great, but you've got two sources now and I'm sure there are plenty more out there to check that said, I do know that basis has a squat here and basis, touts itself, there's always being a year ahead of the rest of the valley.
As far as you know, if I'm third grade I'm actually doing fourth grade material, so that's one option: there is one out here, there's also a great Arts Academy out here and it's a very strict curriculum and they're supposed to be really good.
But again you know these are both chained school, so locations do make a difference.

You know you don't always get to see results.
While I'm driving you'll see one of the airports.
I don't know what Airport that is but looks like that.

But then you see that the actual list to sale, value and again that's pretty standard across the valley.

You always see them listing for much more than what they're actually worth so we're heading into the ball park area.

Here, there's one on the left and there's also one on the right, and I'm honestly, I haven't been out to this ballpark, so I don't know which is what you've been trying to guess.
This is good your ball park here, I'm not sure what that is over.

There talking about demographics, Goodyear's is 57 % white 27 percent Hispanic 9 percent - black 20.
9 % of Goodyear actually speaks a different language than English.
This is the ballpark I'll turn it in here, and you can see.

This is one again one of the nice entertainment opportunities for Goodyear is to come out and watch a ballgame.
Of course it's pretty hot right now, so you probably don't want to sit in the ballgame during the day and I don't know that they play during the day and you're pretty sure they play their night games, that they definitely have the lighting for a night game.
Good year, if you're wondering where the heck is Goodyear, it's bordered by Avondale Glendale, Buckeye and Litchfield Park, interesting notes.

Buckeye is founded to be the next major growing city within the next ten years.
So I would expect that all of these cities that I just mentioned that are probably going to see some growth again if they can find an anchor to pull it in.
This is kind of a cool, little rap baseball statue there in front of the park.

So this is the park.
It looks like a nice little park.
It looks like they've got plenty of parking here.

Certainly one of the things that you can do here.

You've also got a nice scenery backdrop of the mountains, I'm not sure which mountains those tired we're gon na go to Australia.
Mountains, though, here a little bit about Park, but I might right if I can find a way to get in there I'll get us into one of the neighborhood.

So you can see this is a stray of this size.
The neighborhood for the last sign I saw I'm just looking for an entrance to get in there, but you got this beautiful to you again.

A lot of the valley has the opportunity to see mountains either directly from your house, or you know, within five to ten minutes you could be looking at be, on top of you know, doing a hike or whatever so we're gon na go into this neighborhood here.

I know that you're supposed to get more bang for your buck on the West Valley in general, and these don't look like their small houses.
Wow Cleveland Browns somebody's a transplant, but you know this is the typical architecture.
It's not like some of those cool homes that we saw that we're older homes in Tempe per se.

You know they had the brick sidings and stuff.
This is standard Valley, construction.
Here you know stucco siding and it's not true stucco construction.

It's plastered on stuff, wouldn't wood frame, a lot of solar out here, you're gonna start, seeing solar.
More often, I think, especially with the newer construction.

California, just passed the thing saying you have to have you she has to have solar or a solar plant.

If you will before the neighborhood, so if they don't want solar on the roofs that you have to, have it there, and I expect Arizona tends to mimic California so that may be coming for Arizona within the next 10 years, where they passed.
Some kind of laws is nuclear.

All good construction has to have an alternative energy source, but again these houses are a decent size.
I they don't look too small to me and they look like standard neighborhoods for the valley.
You've got your community mailboxes small front yards and it typically close to the frontage of the street right.

There typically side-by-side construction.
They typically have you know big Park green space, that's for two reasons they can to try to flow the water to it, which you see the tunnels over there in the corners.

They try to do that, but also it gives the community an area to go play walk the dogs, you know, take the pets whenever take the kids and just have a nice area to kind of hang out in this neighborhood looks like it has a lot of A little cold of sex if you will but yeah so there's one example of the house.
I'm sure we'll see a couple more we're gonna head over to the Estrella Mountain region.
There is a cost to going dollars Park and I want to say it's seven dollars an hour and again so I don't have to say too many times hydrate.

I guess I did say relatively cool because in the valley under 100 is considered, nice weather and under 80 is considered cold weather over on the left.

There you see a big Cincinnati, Reds insignia remember that the valley has quite a few spring training teams.
We pointed some out when we were in Tempe in Scottsdale, but that must be these two today Reds ballpark, where they do their spring training since its decorated all over the place of Cincinnati Reds logo.
I will assume that that's what that Park is good ear to me so far seems like it's kind of a at least in this area seems like it's kind of a sleepy town put a nice area.

I don't see anything unattractive about.
It seems nice, of course, as soon as I say that there's some content, I get it bingo there, but it's away from all the housing.

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