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this is like old Queen Creek downtown Queen Creek Elsworth and so here i am near else old Ellsworth's brewery right it's early in the morning so it's not open but this is a brewery right here in Queen Creek on the corner of Ellsworth and Ocotillo it's kind of like downtown Queen Creek old-school Queen Creek so we're gonna go ahead and take a look at some of the new areas around here and yeah let's go ahead and begin that but this is old downtown Queen Creek take you down here on ocotillo and Ellsworth this is north to the north down Ellsworth a pretty nice area get anything you'd really need here I got a community center five so it's actually a bit early for lunch it's 10:30 place is open 11 you see you get there's several massage places around here nail lounge planet fitness and we'll go walk around a little bit more as things open up but there's Nando's Mexican Cafe we'll take a look at some of these other there's some vacancy available this is all brand new in a place that's growing Planet Fitness this count tire take a look at Planet Fitness up close Planet Fitness oh thank you now the blacks our membership is the most populous so with this you do get element fitness training you get access to home club here you could also bring a guest with you at any time they just have to take their teen years or older you could also use any other planet that this is worldwide how about all I could serve by swapping foods the Hydra beds and massage physical body enhancement tanning at the kitchen table drinks so how you would get this if you pay $20 plus already abuse and $21.99 a month and then your first payment is gonna be on May 17 and 17 of each month it's also going to be an annual fee they've got an outdoor living to learn this is like a deal Walmart across the street here we have the Portman's big old apartments complexes and communities so you guys have an idea of what it's like these yellow flower trees here are called PAL Verdes obviously because it's in spring there in balloon so over in this community here in just this little area community shopping center you have a Petco estate bowls bar so just want to show you guys this park several banks out here in this community obviously at Bank of America there and you have Chase quite a few apartment complexes which we'll be exploring also this year is the quaint great library so here's a lab here restaurants you've got some boroughs and you've got Oregano's there then over here on this side we've got a sprouts farmers market home goods funny is shopping in this area here kay Jewelers chiropractors nail salon frozen yogurt chops chop shop no no well I'm for lunch so I've elected to eat here at chop shop I could also go into sprouts and get some food for lunch pretty healthy go with some veggies this time the European Wax Center not exactly sure what they do there I don't get wax but right next to a massage place at Planet let's go ahead and see what they got here in Chop Shop

old pictures of Queen Creek fresh-squeezed orange juice this is a Korean steak bowl with brown rice to the guy quinoa bring the rice even cauliflower I sit back here either so if you're new to the west coast this is going to be the hot spot to go for a burger on the run McDonald's is called in and out also out here we have a place called what a burger so in-and-out burger is where people like to get their burger maybe one day I'll go through some of these restaurants and order up some internet and so over here we've got Harkins theater those of you like to go to the movie theaters on a Saturday or drop the kids off brand-new theaters so you know it's gonna be more comfortable peta jungle I eat there a Greek food it's really good calls Bed Bath and Beyond ultimately Famous Footwear and this is the target shopping center here in this target shopping center you're gonna have BevMo that's smart Ross target t.j.maxx chase Buffalo Wild Wings so queen greece god pretty much everything you're gonna need live it or not they haven't quite built a home depot or lowes out in Queen Creek really they built it on the fringe with Gilbert more stuff over here Sally's beauty shop GNC America's best Tilly's dollar tree we're Ross and t.j.maxx are a good place to get wall decorations if you go to Ross if you're looking for pictures to hang on the wall that won't cost you a lot of money t.j.maxx they got some stuff that Olive Garden over here and then some of you some of you have asked about medical care minute clinics and stuff like that there are many around here for example this one Health Urgent Care no appointment needed you know walkins great clips Massage Envy sprint but yeah for the healthcare stuff there's also Banner Health Hospital there's health centers here we've got alternative medicines chiropractors this is an orthodontics dental group to the left you know lots of stuff you can get around here so just check it out across the street over there is banner help cleaners I don't think we've gone over that but for this one we're gonna go to this place called the chewing chiropractor and I'm just gonna get in alignment this usually takes about five minutes so now we'll go into a community here in Clay Creek show you guys what it looks like in these newer communities they build I looked at homes around this area before I just found cheaper homes in San Tan Valley but I think these are pretty nice homes you're newer also home for sale right there on the left some of these are three-car garages for car garages storage garage with the girl boom garage and in case you're wondering where this lies on the grid for those of you who want to know where it is in relation to central that just said 200 first way so that would mean we would be on the equivalent of 200 first Street there abouts you know Phoenix is on a grid to the east is streets to the West is Avenue so if you saw two hundred and first Avenue would be about four hundred and two roads away from here waves are just in between streets so 200 first Street to 200 second Street in between there would be away so you can see it's pretty lush out here in Queen Creek Queen Creek is one of the more lush areas of the Phoenix metro area so this community is called Victorian estates on our 99th way so we've gone west that's why the streets went from 201 to 199 these are a little bit bigger homes still very nice kind of like Scottsdale style homes but nowhere near as pricey really just nice houses out here new nice houses because you didn't know Queen Creek gets its name because of Queen Creek the Creek it's like a wash I'd walk around so this here is Queen Creek wash recreational area a couple miles you can see there's baseball fields over here so for those of you looking to do some stuff you see there's even wildlife out here ground squirrels you just saw that little bunny I don't know if I saw it you might have yeah this is the queen creek people ride their horses through here it's just a nice outdoor area you actually just kind of like hike through the creeks out here in Arizona all right I call it this is actually called a wash but this would be where flash flooding happens let you listen to the outdoors here show you what it looks like the bike that Queen Creek for townhomes check out Avila Victoria luxury homes you can see got a pool am I gonna go in here because I don't have a membership but future resident parking so this is luxury apartments or luxury townhomes whatever you want to call them but it's a little bit different higher scale than what you would get with regular apartments they offer some pretty good deals at these car washes where I think you can get unlimited car washes for up to $30 a month so let's go ahead and see what's up at this carwash this is a 3-minute carwash they have better car washes around here this is just one of those quick do-it-yourself kind of but they assist you also see they have the Fast Pass members cash credit this is called 3-minute carwash says you can get unlimited car washes for $18 per month look at that basic here this is a seven dollar carwash you have the $18 unlimited at a car to your membership for as little as 13 dollars a month so just showing you guys around some of the things services that you can do around here in Queen Creek you know upkeep a pretty nice healthy lifestyle so after that you can either exit or go right and vacuum your car yourself dry it off yourself so let me playing loud music up in here but and do light vacuums it's not too dirty and here we are going over Queen Creek wash fear is gonna be more of the farms and ranch closer to the San Tan Mountains those mountains in the background there is called San Tan Mountains so here's Ellsworth so now we're gonna explore Schnepf farms weddings here yet all types of fruits and veggies there pretty well known around here for what they do in this place alone deserves its own video it really does let's go ahead and go in here and just kind of show you guys around a little bit big park branch like farm yeah I want to say this is where they used to have country thunder and that's how big it is that we even got railroad trying to come out here Neff was the family that originally settled out here but Queen Creek is known in Arizona or in Phoenix area as a fertile place for growing crops so this is Schnepf farms it's free to come in here cost anything they will pick

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